We work with many of the leading companies in Oman to deliver a range of courses suited to employees at all stages of their careers.

From courses that work with new employees that have a focus on work ethics and behaviour, to developing the capacity of emerging talent, to providing unique time away from mobile phones and distractions for leadership teams that need an unbroken, focused opportunity for clear, strategic thinking, our courses continually receive great feedback, and for participants make a refreshing change to normal, hotel or head office based training courses.

At Outward Bound we recognise that every organization has its own culture, needs, and training objectives, and we work with you to custom design a programme based on your specific goals and objectives.

The starting point for developing a course is identifying the key outcomes you want at the end of the course; from that point, we will work with you to develop and design a powerful course that makes a lasting difference to the behaviour and performance of your employees.

We have delivered courses for the emerging talent and leadership teams of high performing organisations including:

This course was a totally different and new experience for me. I learnt more from a day of challenge than 10 years of luxury training.

Jayaram Sethuraman

Professionally the learning was plenty. There were great ideas and concepts which could be adapted and applied to the wider organisation. The instructors were greattutors and mentors during the course.

Captain Nilesh Murdeshwar

It was good to do this course outdoors. By being outside the office and in the wild it showed the true strengths and abilities of the people.

Ibrahim Said Al Habsi

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